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Leon has had a diverse and successful career in the Dubai music scene, showcasing his versatility in playing various genres of house music. His ability to blend different styles, from deep and soulful to uplifting disco and tech house, demonstrates a well-rounded skill set. The incorporation of afro/latin/tribal vocal beats adds a unique and current touch to his sound.


His impressive resume, featuring performances at renowned venues such as 360, Pacha Dubai, Nasimi Beach, Breeze Beach, and Zero Gravity, reflects the wide recognition and acceptance of his talent. The fact that he holds weekly residencies at NOBU By The Beach @ Atlantis, The Royal, indicates a consistent demand for his music in top-notch locations.


Leon's upbringing in a tradition of Motown/Soul, thanks to his DJ Dad, has clearly influenced his approach to music. It's interesting to see how he brings that passion for soulful music to his sets, creating an experience for true music lovers. The mention of playing at yacht parties and VIP special events for Formula 1 Abu Dhabi adds an extra layer of prestige to his career.


Overall, it seems like Leon Knight has not only made a mark in the Dubai music scene but has also ventured into international territories, gaining recognition in the UK and Spain. His commitment to creating a cool, credible yet commercial sound suggests a balance between artistic integrity and audience appeal.


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